Answers to my post of Hot Boys Galore- but who are they?

I thought I’d write this very short post whilst I still have 5 minutes.

First of all…

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Congratulations to Elle!

Elle, I take my hat off you. Coz you are really, truely a K Pop fan…which I am not. I only vaguely recognised Kim Soo Hyun because I watched ‘Will it Snow for Christmas?’. But I have absolutely no idea who the rest are…beyond recognising the bands they are from.

You sure you didn’t cheat yeah? hehe! Anyway, congratulations. Sorry, no prize this time…but if there are more participants in the future, maybe can have little fun draws. What do you all think?

I guess this ajuma here still got lots to learn.

The answers are:
1) Yoon Si Yoon- from High Kick 2
2) Shin Dong Ho- from U Kiss
3) Moon Jun Young- from Z:EA
4) Kim Soo Hyun- from Will it Snow for Christmas
5) Im Seu Long- from 2AM
6) Cheun Dung- from MBLAQ

There will be exciting changes and happennings to this blog as well as the K scene in the coming months. I’m now crossing my fingers that the 2 boy bands I want will really be here……..

Cross fingers and toes…and eyes…..


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