The Music of Oh Joon Sung Contest- winners

Happy Tiger year everyone!

Have been fighting off a sore throat and a cold for the past one week. And then really busy with the Lunar New Year (I must remember not to say Chinese New Year…hehehe!)

Anyway, the 4 winners has been picked and here they are:

Nashirah bte Kamal Mustapa (Sxxxx633H)- Dream ost
Chok Shuyi Tiffany (Sxxxx347A)- Boys Over Flowers ost
Elaine Sew (Sxxxx524F)- Heading to the Ground ost
Nurraihan Bte Abdul Rahim (Sxxxx759H)- The Queen Returns ost

Congratulations!!! Your cd has been signed by Mr Oh Joon Sung himself personally. An email has been sent to you all. Enjoy the cd.

You know, I thought I had set a really, really easy quesiton. But I was surprised to receive wrong answers from people leh. I guess they must really like Boys Over Flowers. For the record, the correct answer is ‘Dream’.

I’ve actually edited all the clips but seeing as it is now 3.21 in the morning and I have to be up in about 4 hours’ time, I will write about it tomorrow.

Btw, you all do know that Shinee will be back again in March right?

I want Bobby Kim!!!!!!

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