The Music of Oh Joon Sung- Concert after thoughts

I had finished the following after thoughts at 3am in the morning bu when I tried to post it, the whole systen hanged…so I went to bed. For those who have been waiting…sorry but here it is.

Yes, I’m back from the concert.

Had my curry puff and tea and now sitting in front of my computer and collecting my thoughts about the concert.

– Oh Joon Sung is really a fun, warm and friendly guy (with a touch of humour, I might add), who obviously likes Singapore and its residents alot (he said it about 6-7 times)

– Boobby Kim sounds even better singing live

– Shinee was very painfully not used to just standing still whilst singing- I could see they were just itching to dance, especially Tae Min, who was shaking his bum away. ^^

– It was not nice to see groups of Shinee fans leaving just after Shinee performed and before the concert ended (even though I can understand why). Actually, it was very disrespectful to the performer on stage- in this case, Oh Joon Sung himself.

AND the surprise of the night- ALL the artistes participated in the autograph signing session after the concert. Yes, all- Oh Joon Sung, Bobby Kim and Shinee.

The audience was mostly girls…young girls for that matter. Thankfully, nobody placed any placards or banners up, though there were sporadic screamings. The hall, though not filled, were packed enough. Not sure about upstairs, as I was sitting in the foyer stalls.

The concert started off pretty much on time. Li Yi of Yes 93.3 was the MC and did a short introduction. Actually, she only appeared 3 times during the concert. Anyway, the concert began with a song that is pretty much familiar to most people- Never Say Goodbye from ‘My Girl’. I guess he wanted to warm up the audience with a familiar, upbeat song. I believe most of the audience at the concert (me included), didn’t know what to expect. In fact, the Shinee fans behind me were wondering if Shinee was going to sing ‘Ring Ding Dong’. I must admit though it has a very different feel, especially when I heard the orginal singers sang it live at Sundown Festival last year.

At this point, the band and the orchestra were still warming up to each other, and it didn’t help that the sudience were a littl unfamiliar with the songs- those from ‘Get Karl! Oh Su Jong’ and ‘Serenade’ from ‘Great Inheritance’. With the latter, I’m not even sure if anyone would know (this is a 2006 drama starring Kim Jae Won and Han Ji Min). The tune is great but I think it didn’t fare as well with the singer. You can catch the trailer for this drama here to have a feel of the drama.

From ‘Witch Yoo Hee’ onwards, it got better because the songs in the drama are more suited to being played by a live band (and orchestra!). It was nice to hear the saxophone part in the song ‘If’. Ok, I’m a sucker for saxophone because if played well, it is really, really sexy (think of Kim Bum in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, though I’m not sure if he can actually play).

Remember I mentioned in my earlier post that Oh Joon Sung had revealed that ‘King and I’ was his most memorable work? Before playing this song, he announced to everyone that he likes it- ‘Love for Thousand Years’. This is a great song to be played by a live orchestra especially at the parts where the music soars. The singer was good.

After the sad parts (all the 3 songs in ‘King and I’ are pretty sad), the mood picked up again. Although I’ve never watched ‘The Queen Returns’, I really like the songs in it. Makes me want to get up and dance, especially ‘With Me’ (makes sense why I would feel like dancing coz the drama is about dancing ^^).

Oh Joon Sung has a sense of humour. He was struggling to introduce the next segment, which was songs from ‘Heading to the Ground’…and then he mentioned…Dong Bang Shin Ki. That 4 magic words drew immediate response…with lots of screaming, whistling and clapping. You would have thought DBSK was actually there. ^^

Thereafter, whenever he wanted a response from the audience, he would say…’Dong Bang Shin Ki…my friend’, or ‘Shinee…my friend’. hehehe!

For me, this was the segment I was looking forward to…coz Bobby King (as part of Buga Kinz) sang the song, ‘Look at the Sky’. I held my breath…would he sound as good live? I didn’t want my image of him to be shattered….

I guess I shouldn’t have worried. He was even better singing live. He has one great soul voice.

Bobby Kim really warmed up the crowd tremendously. Working up the crowd comes with experience of doing concerts live. He was quite funny too, shouting, ‘All the Shinee fans, scream!’. I guess neither Oh Joon Sung nor Bobby Kim had any illusions as to why most of the audience were there at the concert.

During the short interview by Li Yi, Bobby Kim revealed that he likes chilli crab and that he was getting fat with all the delicious food. Sigh…he’s also having a concert in Seoul in April and invited the audience over. I wish I could be be there. Dare I wish for his concert here???

His second song, ‘Live or Die’ from the drama, ‘Dream’…which most people recognised if only because of Kim Bum. And by the end of the song, the whole audience knew who was coming up next- Shinee!

Li Yi could barely introduced them with all the screamings and shouting amongst the audience. And then, the 5 boys appeared on stage…dressed in black again.

Oh Joon Sung retired to take a break. Countdown from ‘Dream’ was the only song that was performed without a live orchestra or band…though the boys did sing live. Unfortunately, with the sporadic sreamings…sometimes their singing could not be heard.

And when the boys sang ‘Stand by Me’ from ‘Boys Over Flowers’, with the full orchestra and drama clips in the background, the crowd went wild.

Now Sue has asked me about whether camera is allowed inside the concert hall. Strictly speaking- no. It was even announced just before the concert- no photography and video recording. In fact, the girl infront of me was stopped by one of the usherer. However, by now, there were so many cameras up everywhere, that it was impossible to control…so the usherers gave up. I guess the boys’ fans are not going to miss such a rare opportunity right?

I must say the boys are not too bad and I rather like Onew’s voice.

Unfortunately, as soon as the boys finished the last note, groups of girls (many of whom were sitting in front) rushed out. Whilst I completely understand why they did it, it was still rather rude. Especially as Oh Joon Sung was still performing.

And he performed for a good 15 minutes more with an encore. He sang songs like ‘Starlight Tears’ and Because I’m not smart. Hehehe! Although I wouldn’t say he’s a great singer..but..he can sing better han alot of singers I know…and he plays the keyboard too!

And then it was really all over…and all the artistes came out for a final bow..Mario&, Bobby Kim and Shinee and of course Oh Joon Sung.

The crowd (whatever that’s left..coz even more girls had left by then) went crasy.

By the time I came out…thinking I could queue up to get Oh Joon Sung’s and Bobby Kim’s signature…there was already one long queue. That was when I found out that there was a last minute change…and Shinee was going to sign afterall.

I wish there was a seperate queue for Bobby Kim…but I guess it would have made the whole situation even more chaotic. So I left without his signature. I heard from someone that they could get the signatures of all the 7 artistes (Oh Joon Sung, Bobby Kim and Shinee) on the cd. I haven’t had the time to read on the various forums yet…but if it was really the case, I’m sure those fans who did get it would have been very happy. But the autograph signing session was supposed to lasts for only 30 minutes…so I’m not sure how they managed to wrap up the session coz it would have taken more than 30 minutes judging by the queue.

All-in-all, it has been a pretty interesting concert. Obviously, some songs performed better on stage live with a band than others. But most have been ok and interesting. However I do think things could have been done a little better to get the audience in the mood by identifying the songs from the dramas. Eg, annoucing the drama on screen and playing more clips from the drama.

Ok…now I don’t know if the 2nd concert tonight will also have an autograph signing session. And I don’t know if all the artistes will sign like last night. But I fear even more fans will leave immediately after Shinee performs..leaving an almost empty hall. If that happens, it would be really, really be embarrassing for Oh Joon Sung, who was very happy at being able to perform a live concert of his work.

For those going tonight…enjoy yourself.

Remember to bring cash if you want to buy the cds.

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