Sundown Festival 2009- Brown Eyed Girls

I think without a doubt, most will agree that 2009 belongs to the girl bands. There has been an explosion of girl groups- 2NE1, 4Minute, Girls Generation, Kara, After School, f(x), T-ara and of course Browned Eyed Girls. Frankly, I don’t really know most of them beyond their names. But with a new singer or band appearing almost every month, (if not weeks), it’s tough recognising them. And of course, it’s even tougher for these artistes to have a hit and stay in the limelight.

Of all the names that I mentioned so far, the only one who has made any impression on me so far is Brown Eyed Girls.

When did I get to know them? I can’t really rememeber. Maybe it was the song that Ga In did with Yung Jun of SG Wannabe. It has a Christmasy feel about it and really puts me in the mood. Just the right song to play now actually-> Must have Love.

Debuted in 2006, they did managed to capture some attention with a couple of their songs. It just occured to me that most of their songs are not the ‘karaoke’ type of songs, ie. you can’t really sing to. Or at least I can’t anyway. This is one of their earlier song- Push the line. It’s loud, as are most of their songs. BUT, they looked so different then. ^^

Recently they released their 3rd album, Sound G, where songs like Glam Girl and Abracadabra became hits. Abracadabra in particular caused many tongues to wag because of it’s erotic and suggestive style. All I can say is, ‘Wow!’.

Their latest hit is Sign from their repackaged album, Sound G repackaged (Side track: why do they always have a repackaged album? I know the agency wants to make more money by coming up with different versions, but this really frustrates me. Anyway, that is another story). Now watch them perform live, which I feel is just as good, if not better than the mv. There is one part of their dance steps that fascinates me- when they hit their fans against their necks during the ‘’ part. Isn’t it painful? Anyway, I can forsee lots of fans with fans on the 12th December. Wahaha!

For me, I still like their song LOVE and my daughter agrees with me. She dances immediately when I play this song. ^^ Crossing my fingers that they will sing this song during their performance here on the 12th December

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Brown Eyed Girls Meet and Greet session

For fans of BEG, this is your one chance to get their autographs and take a photo with them absoultely free, ie, you don’t have to buy anything (which in itself is a rarity today). Sponsored by La Coco Hair @ Orchard Central.

Date: 13th December
Time: 2pm
Venue: Orchard Central Atrium Level 4
What you have to do: La Coco Hair, the sponsor of this event (as well as Sundown Festival) will be giving away 500 posters. Get the poster from them for your autograph and photo taking session with the 4 lovely girls. Of course, it’s on a first-come-first-served basis. They will sign as many as they can during their appearance…so which means, you have to be the 1st in line. Jia Fa of Yes93.3 will be hosting this event
Where is La Coco: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #04-13, S(238896). T: 6884 4544/ 6884 4644

This is the poster that they will be giving away, from their latest album.

hmm… I wonder when will the fans start queuing….

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