The battle of summer dramas 2008

There was a battle last night with 2 dramas starting at the same time. Next week, the competition will intensify with MBC joining the battle.

After a derth of interesting dramas in the 1st half of the year (only ‘On Air’ was of any interest), it seems the competition has started to heat up recently and will continue in the next few months to come until the end of the year.

SBS: Mon/Tue, 17/06
Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Kwon Oh Joo, Kim So Yeon
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This is probably one of the most anticipated drama for now, if only because of the storyline and theme- food. The movie version, ‘Le Grand Chef’ did very well in the box office. The drama version should have more opportunities for character development and a chance to look at the Korean gourmet. I know I was salivating when I watched the movie. hehe!


Of course, many people will also be looking out for Kim Rae Won, as he hasn’t done anything since ‘Which Star are you from?’ in 2006. This young man has come a long way since his ‘Plum Blossoms’ days. ^^ Wonder if he’s still as shy since the last time I met him in Singapore…..

But besides Kim Rae Won, I am also looking forward to Kim So Yeon. Remember when I was blogging about ‘All About Eve’? Kim So Yeon was so good at her character that I could not bring myself to hate her, and I think alot of people felt the same way too. I’ve not seen her drama for a long time and I’m really looking forward to it.

‘Strongest Chil Woo’
KBS 2: Mon/Tue, 17/06
Eric Mun Jung Hyuk, Goo Hye Sun, Yoo Ah In, Kim Byul
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This is Eric’s 1st saegeuk or period drama. As I was telling someone the other day, it’s kind of difficult to imagine him in such dramas as I kept thinking of him as a rapper in Shinhwa. Still…his acting skills have been pretty good so far. I’m sure there will be much comparisons between ‘Iljimae’ (starring Lee Jun Ki and doing very well currently) and ‘Hong Gil Dong’. All 3 dramas have this robin hood theme. Actually, quite a few have already called Eric Korea’s version of Zorro. And he does look like one, doesn’t he?

Goo Hye Sun is completely new to me but if you are a Singaporean (particularly if you belong to the more matured crowd), then you may recognise her. She was in the daily drama, ‘Pure 19’ and is now capturing the interest of all my friends’ mothers as it is airing on Channel U currently. ^^

Another note of interest, remember the strong, goofy man in ‘Coffee Prince Shop No 1’? Well, he’s in this drama too. hmmm….. interesting….

‘When It’s at Night’
MBC: Mon/Tue, 23/06
Kim Soon Ah, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Jung Hwa, Lee Joo Hyun
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This is probably the one only drama amongst the 3 where the female lead is much more anticipated than the male lead….not that I dislike Lee Dong Gun. BUT, I think alot of people are waiting eagerly for the return of Kim Soon Ah to the small screen after the success of ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ in 2005. Would she still be as funny?

Btw, the pose does look ala Mr and Mrs Smith, doesn’t it? hehe! It was pointed out by quite a few people on soompi.

For Lee Dong Gun, this was a great effort on him as he had to commence shooting not long after the tragic murder of his brother in Australia.

And the setting is rather unusual too. Kim Soon Ah is a sexy government official, tasked with the job of recovering national treasures and Lee Dong Gun is the flirty professor, who has been appointed to help the team. I believe Kim Soon Ah will be able to deliver her brand of humour with no problem and it will be great to see Lee Dong Gun again in a comedy after his last few sad, serious, tragic roles.

‘My Sweet Seoul’
KBS: Fri, 06/06
Choi Kang Hee, Lee Seon Gyeon, Ji Hyun Woo,
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This drama is not much talked about and I’m not even sure if many people know about it as it’s airing on a Friday night…which is rather unusual. But because of Lee Seon Gyeon (aka The Voice), I’ve taken an interest in it. And if you don’t know The Voice, then you’ve got to watch this

The Voice

I’m not familiar with Choi Kang Hee but I noticed that she’s can be considered as a veteran actress as her career started way back in 1996. Anyway, I like her looks in this drama.

As for Ji Hyun Woo, he has quite a lot of fans, young and not-so-young (though I would say most of them are probably young…hehe!). He stirred up quite a bit of interest in the drama ‘Over the Rainbow’ but I sitll think he was strange in ‘Meri Daegu’.

Anyway, like many of the Korean dramas nowadays, this is also adapted from a book. It’s about a single woman, seeking love. I guess a bit like ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ + ‘Sex in the City’ + ‘Dalja’s Spring’. Perhaps because this theme has been explored quite a bit recently, hence there doesn’t seemed to be much interest. Still… I like the feel of the preview/ trailer that I’ve watched.

At the moment, after last night’s fight, ‘Gourmet’ is leading slightly (as I suspected) but it will become more interesting next Monday when ‘When it’s at night’ joins in the war for ratings and viewership.

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