Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 6 summary

Some people were saying it’s not as exciting as the previous episode. Well, there’s less action..I mean you can’t have a ‘polo’ or ‘fighting’ scene for every episode right? Also, Suzini hardly appeared. It was mostly Ki Ha and Ho Gae. But I think it’s just as exciting as it is setting the stage for the start of the showdown.

This is just a summary for Episode 6. Again— please forgive me if I can’t give a perfect summary as err…you know, I don’t really understand all the dialogues. Many thanks to everyone on soompi who have helped with the spot translations and explainations.

Kak Dan lost to Dam Deok in the fight and let him leave. She told him her name again (I think she is supposed to play a more significant role right?) and I think she also told him the players are being held at the Yon’s residence.

Ki Ha is found trying to leave the Shin Dang by the High Priestess and is reprimanded. Not sure what the whole conversation was about…I think she said if Ki Ha is Dam Deok’s night companion? Anyway..it seems Ki Ha was going to be punished but the aide form the Yon’s family came to ask for her, saying she is needed for a special reason.

Dam Deok went to the Yon’s residence to seek the release of the Black team’s players. (Actually, I’m wondering why they’re held there instead of at the normal jail. Perhaps because they’re tribal chief’s people, and so cannot be put together with the other common prisoners? Hmmm…) The funny guy from the Keomeul village saw him and told Hyeon Go. Hehe! Hyeon Go is so funny. He was trying to use the special rocket thing (the thing that was used by the his people in the 2nd episode, which can render those people within it invisible).. But err…he didn’t quite manage to do it. ^^

Dam Deok asked if Yon Ka Ryeo (Ho Gae’s father) wanted the crown prince position and if he wanted him, Dam Deok to give up the position as the crown prince. Ka Ryeo asked if he knows that a Crown Pince is to become the King. Anyway, Dam Deok said that he has no wish to become the King. He knows Ho Gae is borned under the Jushin star, and that he too wish for the Jushin King to become the King of Goguryeo. But he tells him to wait for a little more as his father is still living. He will give up the position later.

Hyeon Go and the funny short man see Ki Ha arriving at the Yon’s residence and they are wondering why. But unknown to them, they are being watched by Sa Ryang. And then Dam Deok left (can’t understand his dialogue with Yon Ka Ryeo).

Daejangro told Ki Ha that Dam Deook was there and I think told her what he said about giving up the throne..Then the rest can’t really understand. But I think basically, he doesn’t want to wait till Dam Deok’s father is dead and he wants to test if Ho Gae is really the king that night.

Suzini is seen gambling with the other prisoners (some things don’t change…^^)

Dam Deok went back to Tae Shil and saw his father there. I think his father is reprimanding him for playing in the Kyuk Ku and that he should be keeping a low profile. Then Dam Deok asked if his father is happy- living the life of a king. He told his father he only want to live with the person he loves. And his father asked if it’s the girl, Ki Ha from Shin Dang. The rest of the conversation can’t really catch…but I think he said Dam Deok still doesn’t know who he is..and that no matter how difficult, he has to wait.

Ho Gae goes into the room and sees Ki Ha lighting up the candles and doing a dance (Is she supposed to seduce him?) Anyway, as she was dancing away, she kept thinking about Dam Deok. And Dam Deok was also thinking of Ki Ha. And Ho Gae was thinking about Ki Ha (when they were young)…alamak…the only person not thinking of anyone was Suzini.

Anyway, the heart of Ju Jak suddenly lighted up and at that precise moment, Suzini dreamt of her past life as Seo O (the last part when she became the black phoenix and started all the fire on earth).

We’re all debating as to why the heart of Ju Jak glowed as Ho Gae is not the king (the heart is supposed to light up if Ju Jak is together with the King of Jushin). Anyay, there are lots of debate and I guess we will only know later. But what is certain is that both Ki ha and Suzini probably can have control over the heart of Ju Jak as they were both Ju Jaks and control fire in their previous life.

(On soompi, I wrote that the heart glowed when Dam Deok and Suzini walked past Daejangro, whereas it lighted up like on fire with Ki Ha…not sur eif I’m right..hehe!)

Hyeon Go and the funny short guy are talking about the 4 gods and their heavenly objects and the king (not sure about the whole conversation).

Ho Gae was obviously very pleased to see Ki Ha (he has this smitten look on his face). I think he said something about having waited for a chance to be with Ki Ha.

The King is having an assembly with the ministers and the various tribal chiefs. Yon’s aide said that Ho Gae is born under the Star of Jushin and has the look of a king etc, etc.. And none of the tribes support Dam Deok as the crown prince. Basically, they are asking the King to make Ho Gae as the Crown Prince since they believe he is the one.

Hok Gae, the chief of Chor No tribe went to the palace to seek for the release of his son and the rest of his people. He was stopped by the guards.

More arguing continued with the pressure on the King to take away Dam Deok’s position as the Crown Prince. And the High Priestess is called. 17 years ago (so it’s confirmed that Dam Deok, Suzini and Ho Gae should be 17 now…hehe! they sure don’t look like it…ok..must suspend reality check for this), she prophesized about the star of Jushin, as well as that other stars would also be seen born. Not sure if she knew it was going to be Dam Deok’s mother who would give birth to the King.

Anyway, she was the one who found Dam Deok and his mother, under the star of Jushin (aiyoh…so much like the Star of Bethleham). She therefore proclaimed that Dam Deok is the King of Jushin as he was borned under the Star of Jushin.

More arguments followed as Yon’s aide said that everyone knows that it was Ho Gae that was born under the Star of Jushin. And then I think the High Priestess announced that Shin Dang recognised Dam Deok as the King of Jushin.

Gam Dong, a disciple from the Keomeul village told Hyeon Go about the news that Dam Deok was born under the Star of Jushin. Hyeon Go rushes back to the village to gather the people and tell them about Dam Deok. I think they have to prepare for their work as supporters of the King of Jushin. He tells Gam Dong, that Suzini will have to wait for now.

Can’t really understand the whole conversation betwen Ho Gae and his father. Think he asked if his father really believed the whole thing about the Star of Jushin etc. But Ho Gae’s father is adament that Ho Gae will become king, even if Dam Deok is also borned under the star of Jushin. And then Ho Gae asked if they are going to revolt.

Err..and then a whole long conversation between the High Priestess and the King. I think she is worried about their safey now that the secret is out?
Thanks to taro who gave the explaination in the comments section:
she believe that they need keep the secret until the “king of jushin” awake by himself. But the time haven’t come yet. And the father said, if Dam Dok is real king, he will survive even what problem come.

Dam Deok is still locked up inside Tae Shil. He asked Kak Dan if that is the sword of Jumong (the founder of Goguryeo). Then Kak Dan said something about the sword..

Dam Deok is telling sword that Ho Gae is the one (the king). And that he wanted to be his friend long ago but he caused the death of his mother. He said that Ho Gae will be a good king… And then the sword glowed (I’m thinking that maybe the sword will come alive later in the hands of Dam Deok).

Long conversation betwen the King and the Chief of Chor No tribe. Think he was asking if he will suport Dam Deok? Am afraid will have to wait for translation.
Thanks to taro for the translation in the comment section:
and he also asking a ‘favour’, give to Dam Dok the daughter of Chor No, as a queen. He said, it will bring to them lots of difficulties bcoz of so many enemies around them. But the Chor No said, King never as ‘favour’ to their people. Just order and they will listen.

Ka Ryeo went to see Daejangro and asked for his help to make Ho Gae king. Of course, he was more than happy to oblige.

He assembled all his followers and announced that after 2,000 years, the King of Jushin and Ju Jak have been found. And then everyone started chanting..”Tae Wang, Sa Shin” (Great King, Four Gods). It was rather errie.

Whilst this was going on, Daejangro sent his people to capture the eldest sons of the 3 tribes.

Ki Ha seems to be pleading something for Dam Deok..hmm…and I think Daejangro knows that Ki Ha likes Dam Deok? Anyway, he tells Ki Ha not to forget who she is and what happened (hmm..was he trying to bring back her memories of her past life as Ka Jin?)

The 3 tribal cheifs gathered at Yon’s residence. They thought it was the King who has abducted their sons because they oppos Dam Deok as the Crown Prince.

Ka Ryeo announced that Ho Gae is the King of Jushin and brought in Ki Ha. She basically wows them with the show of her power and then she walks towards Ho Gae and kneels before him….

Gosh.. I have so many missing puzzles…I hope I haven’t confused anyone…. Hopefully the translation will come out soon.

Tonight’s Episode 7 should be exciting! Dam Deok will be running away!!!

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Many, many thanks to taro. ^^

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