KBS World

KBS World started today, 2nd October.

I’m thrilled. In fact, I’m really, really thrilled.

Even though after scanning the programmes, there aren’t that many interesting ones to watch…except possibly The Vineyard Man…which unfortunately is at episode 11 already.

I caught the last 15 minutes of the Entertainment Weekly just now and was richly rewarded with a 5 minutes of Shinhwa when they were in Japan.

This was followed by Sung Si Kyung’s filming of his mv for his latest album. Hmm.. he looks different from what I remembered of him during hsi last visit to Singapore. I hope his latest album is just as nice though.

SS501 came next (hmmm…a couple of them looks quite droolable). They were recording a song for an animation movie… I think…

And then Lee Hyun Woo…who would have made a few of my 친구 screamed in delight.

I’m a happy person tonight… hehehe!

KBS World is on channel 100 on SCV. ^^


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